HOA Committees Needed

HOA Committees Needed

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HOA Committees Needed

There are multiple types of committees, each able to fulfill different purposes in our community. The most common committees deal with the HOA’s communications, safety, architectural control, and social events. Homeowners association board members and community managers are not the only members who help to maintain our community; committees are also a very large part of the entire process. Formed by volunteer members of the community and assigned by the board of directors, committees make our community run smoother. And, with help from the community association bylaws, HOA board members would like to structure these committees to fit the needs of the community.

Members of the communications committee keep the community informed, generally through the production of an association website and newsletter. We are in need of a Communications sub-committees relating to the newsletter.

Safety committees can develop a relationship with the local law enforcement agency, introduce a neighborhood watch program, and even become involved in a citizen-on-patrol program. Obviously, this is not a security position, only as simple as “if you see something, say something” or contact our local police department.

The architectural control committee maintains property values by keeping the land and structures in accordance with the covenants, conditions, and restrictions established in the governing documents.

A special committee made for covenants, governance, and hearings committees, assisting with the governing process of the association.

Landscape and maintenance committees oversee the “look and feel” and sustainability of the community landscape.

Finally, the social committee creates community events. They may create events for holidays, community garage sales, seasonal festivals, etc. You are considered to be the “glue” holding the community together.